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B.Abba  is using Technology to enhance Education. EduTech, or how B.Abba is automating education, allowing a maximum of educational services and resources, for a minimum cost.

We Speak!

"We Speak", first Edu-Tech App by B.Abba, is the perfect off-line multi-Lingual talking digital image book App.  We Speak supports (in its first version) 105 Words, in 10 different languages.

Many Voices

We Speak Reads Words and sentences, with a Karaoke display system. Leveraging new digital voice technologies,  We Speak! (v.1) supports 10 languages, with several countries, variations: for a total of 21 countries and accents. We Speak! (v.1.0) provides over 1000 translation, and assure to be rapidly extensible. The Objective is to reach 350 words with over 20 languages supported.

1 Word = 1 Concept

We Speak, has been imagine with the highest diploma French teachers, resulting in assuring several representations (Photo or cute drawings) per word. Thanks to this technology, the children/learners won't associate a word to a specific image, but will manage to associate a word to a concept.

Learning as a game

Quizz, Quizz, Quizz! We Speak offers the possibility of generating an infinite number of quizz during the learning phase, in order to make learning great again !

100% Off-line

On iPhone or iPad, the application is usable 100% off-line, allowing you to occupying your children in a smart way  wether there is Wifi or not. On top, "We Speak by B.Abba" has no banners nor advertisement.

We Speak in Numbers

Words in V1.0
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Happy Users

Happy Families

Being in a English, Chinese, French family, “We speak by B.Abba” is very good app, that we use as a common support to teach languages to children.
As it is 100% off line, it is very practical during trips, when we want to occupy our children with a smart application (not only stupid game).

We are looking forward for new Words and new categories!

Family T

Family T

English + Chinese + French family

Staying in Singapore, our family configuration makes that we could teach up to 5 languages to our children. However, we are focusing essentially on German and English.

We Speak by B.Abba gives us the support and the opportunity of introducing other languages to our children, in a happy and fun environment.

Family V.

Family V.

German, English, Chinese, Italian, Malay

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I have just downloaded “We Speak!” app but the sound is not working Please make sure the iPad is not in mute mode. In iOS 4.2 it changed from orientation lock […]

Privacy Policy of B.Abba.

Privacy Policy 2017-03-14 Hello! Welcome to the B.Abba Privacy Policy. It was last updated March 14, 2017. “We Speak! by B.Abba” is identified in the current document as an “app” produced by […]

B.Abba launches its Web site.

B.Abba is an “Edu-Tech” company created in Singapore. It’s name has 2 signification : 1. in French, there is a common expression :the ‘b a ba’ (stence for B+A=BA), this expression […]

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Message from the founder

It is now more than 5 years I have been living in Singapore. I am Happily Married, and Father of 2 wonderful girls. My Wife is Singaporean Chinese, and I am French. A Blessing that gifts our children to master 3 languages from the youngest age. Learning / Teaching English, French and Mandarin in the same family, is not an easy task. Media (Books, Apps, Dvds...) can be found in bilingual versions, but the trilingual ones are almost impossible to find. Some of our friends family have complex languages combinations: "Spanish + Japanese + French + English", or "Portuguese + English + French + Chinese", reaching even 5 languages: "German + Italian + English + Chinese + Malay". So, we got the idea ! "We Speak! by B.Abba", a gift to my daughters. After 3 years of research, brainstorming, design, translations, and software development, the first version of "We Speak!" is ready. My daughters love it, and I hope you will love it too ! Improvements, New Words, New Images, New Languages are to come! Happy Teaching, Happy Learning!
Eric T.