I have just downloaded “We Speak!” app but the sound is not working

Please make sure the iPad is not in mute mode. In iOS 4.2 it changed from orientation lock toggle to mute switch and can often get switched to the ON position accidentally. We get quite a few users thinking sound is broken and it turns out to be this little switch. It’s extra confusing as some apps (such as music players) play audio a different way which allows them to bypass this setting.


More info here :

iPad Volume Toggle

If you have tried the above solution and it still does not solve the problem try restarting the iPad. And if that doesn’t work try deleting then re-downloading the app. If you purchased the in app upgrade you can click though to buy it again, if you have already paid it will not charge you and should download for free.


I just downloaded the app but I have no audio when I click on an image

Please make sure the iPhone is not in mute mode. This is the silent mode switch on the side of the phone. When it is ON, the volume may appear but the phone will not play sounds.

Please check it is not in the ON position as shown in the photo below:

iPhone Volume Toggle